Our Services

Stock Basket Management Services (SBMS)

Expert-led investing in stocks, mutual funds and more!


Curated investment strategies implemented across all market segments with systematic risk management

Insurance Services

We strive to provide reliable insurance solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. With a team of experienced professionals, we offer a wide range of insurance products to protect you, your family, and your assets.

DSAB Reports

Detailed reports on equity and mutual funds based on fundamentals and market conditions.

How We have Performed

Planning your financial assets are very difficult in today’s time because it doesn’t have a single platform.  At DSAB we integrate multiple financial instruments and provide you with the best strategies to grow them. 

DSAB Finserve App

The DSAB Finserve app lets you manage and track all your investments at one place. Try it now!

DSAB Mutual Funds

Personalized mutual funds advisory, tailored plans and guidance to achieve financial goals.

Technical Reports

Get in-depth chart analysis reports on stocks and indices based on market structure, indicators and price action, backed by our partners – Growth Traders.